Wooden Forest Cabin with Blackened Tone Finish

Blackened Wooden Exterior Wall Sharp Edged Build Design Trees Sloped Land Spot Stone Clad Fireplace Concrete Base

A wooden cabin in the forest is always a nice option to go for a retreat. A cabin done by Mm Architect is a modern one in term of its interior space. Meanwhile its exterior space is covered in blackened wood that looks really iconic. The location of this wooden forest cabin is just upstate New York area that has a giant front door along with a garage. Well, that particular feature is intended to meet the needs of car lovers. The surrounding area is a forest area so that the blackened wooden finish of this wooden cabin is perfect to blend in well with that surrounding area.

The cabin is called Tinkerbox designed to be a perfect getaway for car enthusiasts from the downtown area. It is a two-storey cabin with the upper level houses main living areas white the lower level is dedicated to those car lovers featuring a workshop and a garage. The garage has a generous size so that cars can be put there as a storage while also providing a maintenance area. There is a wine cellar as well with furniture workshop within the space.

In term of its exterior, it is covered in charred cedar in burned state using Shou Sugi Ban technique from Japan. The look of the exterior is really iconic in blackened state to a bit disguise the building in a forest. The result is that the house is not that eye catchy in the middle of the forest. There is a continuous structure of wooden beam inside the space with cantilever pulls.

The interior space houses a master bedroom on one side of the upper floor with an open floor plan featuring a living space and a dining room. An expansive window seat is there along with a built-in hearth is considered to be a perfect focal point of the area. The zone separation is done by using a stair leading down to the tower level of the building. The treads of the stair were manufactured using hardwood trees cut right form the sire of the cabin. Surprisingly there is even a waterfall-edge marble island there within the dining area and the kitchen space. The dining table is as well designed by the Studio MM designed by Elijah Leed. Right over the table there is a brass chandelier designed by the same firm. Overall the cabin is a building that looks pretty traditional in its outside and modern in its inside.

Blackened Wooden Exterior Wall Sharp Edged Build Design Trees Sloped Land Spot Stone Clad Fireplace Concrete Base

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