Ways to Turn Vintage Chests and Trunks into Home Decor

A Mint Colored Vintage Chest With A Fabric On It Used As A Storage Placed At The End Of A Bed

Using a vintage thing in your home as decoration will make a nice statement with low cost. You can get them from the flea market for cheap, recycle it, and turn into a real showstopper. This is a good time to talk about some ideas of using vintage items for decoration. This time is a vintage trunk or chest. Are you curious enough? Let’s check this out and get inspired!

Coffee and Console Tables

It’s a smart idea to turn the classic luggage into a coffee table or console table. It has enough flat surface and hidden storage that allows you to keep your stuff inside. It will give you a chic and eye-catching look. Try to paint, stencil, and add detailing to your vintage trunk if it does not match with the style of the interior. If you need the more attractive one, put a couple of trunks on each other, and you will get a double height piece. If you already have a chest, but it does not match to the interior, you can make it a statement or a contrast. You will get an eye-catchy item that will grab everybody’s attention. A trunk can be turned into a console table also. It is usually for a not very wide trunk, and you may place it in a tiny space.

Bedside Tables and Footboard Benches

A vintage trunk can be turned into a fabulous bedside table and will fit whatever style of your bedroom is. All you need is just to retouch it as you need to make it fit your bedroom’s style and position it next to your bed. You will get a gorgeous, unique nightstand and chic storage at once. A chest can be turned into a footboard bench also. You can use it to put your stuff in it and on it. It is very comfortable and will not eat your space. Get inspired!

Home Bars

You can turn a vintage trunk into a home bar. Just by renovating or decorate it as you want and then put on some legs that you choose, or put several trunks on each other and here it is! Your vintage home bar is ready to be used! You can use the top of the chest or just open it to place bottles and glasses of your favorite. this becomes very useful and interesting.

A Console From A White Vintage Chest With A Pillow And Some Stuffs On It Placed In A Corner Of A Room

A Vintage Chest With Some Books On It Placed In Front Of A Chic Sofa With Cushions

A Vintage Trunk Placed In Front Of A Sofa With Flower Patterned Cushions On A Rug

A Vintage Chest With An Eagle Statue On It Placed In Front Of A Sofa With Cushions And On A Zebra Rug

A Home Bar From A Black Trunk With Some Bottles Of Drinks And A Pot On It

A Rustic Trunk As A Storage With A Big Vase Of Flowers On It

A Vintage Chest With A Fabric And A Book On It Used As A Storage Placed At The End Of A Bed

A Vintage Chest With A Vase Of Flowers On It Placed In Front Of A Sofa With Cushions On A Soft Colored Rug

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