Stylish Radiator, a Gorgeous Useful Thing

A Green Daybed With Purple Cushion Placed Near A Bookshelves Full Of Books, A White Lamp, And An Attractive Frame

In the middle of cold winter, keeping your house warm is a must to make yourself comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary to have a radiator in your house. This time I would like to talk about stylish radiators that will not ruin your décor and keep you warm during winter. Let’s see!

The Kangeri Nomadic Radiator, designed by Satyendra Pakhale, is a plug-in and a portable heater that has the aim to warm up spaces closer to the people inside. The name is from a changer, a pot filled with hot embers. These items are usually used by Kashmiris in their traditional dress to keep them warm. The main parts of the Kangeri Nomadic Radiator are made of powder-coated aluminum with an integrated oak handle. A power cord spreads out from the base of it, which is held off the ground by three easy to maneuver wheels.

The next one is the ‘Android’ radiator by Daniel Liebeskind and Anthrax. Its volume reflects Japanese origami, with its unpredicted geometrical facets that appear to be made from a sheet of paper, folded and folded over again. The design includes a dynamic sequence of angles and lines, got in this case from a thin ‘metal page’ that creates shadows and plays with light.

A radiator will be very useful during cold time. How should we treat it if the cold time is over? The Italian brand Anthrax presents the award-winning Serie T that is a stylish radiator which can be your wall-mounted shelving unit. It is easy to be placed in any spaces like in the bathroom and living room of your house because the extruded aluminum design is available as a vertical or horizontal unit. The name comes from the T-shaped cross section. It is also designed to be integrated with shelves, a hanger, or a towel rail.

For those of you who care about nature and green life, having a Radiator by Rochus Jacob is a good idea for you. Such an item will help you to reduce the average room temperature until 2° which can save a ton of CO2 in a year and cut cost until 45%. It is designed with modern technology, so it provides lighter and efficient materials in the smaller shape. Just moving it deeper into the living area to make the interaction becomes more present which lets the user keep the heat consumption more often but at a lower and constant level.

Now is Agorà that is designed by Nicola de Ponti for TUBES. It is an elegant collection of harmonic and superb aluminum radiators that can change the room decor. Since these radiators have a timeless design, it can blend smoothly in various style, from very traditional to the minimalist one. Precision and harmony are all in the Agorà radiators, and they shine with the lines, shapes, and curves. It is available in numerous color so that you may choose the best one for your space.

Caleido’s collection of Art Radiators completes many colorful and ultra-modern radiators designed by Karim Rashid. It will not only give the warmth but also can be an eye-catchy decoration in your modern and bold interior. It is available in seven design, and all of them offer a swirling, intersecting nimbus of vibrant color and multi-dimensional texture.

Dado radiator by Andrea Ramponi will stand your room out with its design as a black-white floor model dice design that can be stacked vertically or aligned horizontally in your room. This item will give fun but gorgeous look in your home.

Three Radiator In A Unique Shape

A Glazed Wall Bath Room Feature Some Black Towels Hanged In A Black Radiator

A Wooden Floor Bathroom With A Marble Bathtub And Two Long White Radiators With A Stack Of White Towel On It

A Green Daybed With Purple Cushion Placed Near A Bookshelves Full Of Books, A White Lamp, And An Attractive Frame

A White Radiators Hanged On The Wall Near A Black Table With Some Stuffs On It And Chairs Around It

Black And White Radiators With The Same Shade Of The Top

A Stack Of Dice Radiators Placed Near A Red Sofa And A White Table

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