Stunning Look and Features of the Wadi Penthouse in Beirut

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A penthouse is somewhat common to be unique unlike residential houses. Well, that is amidst the most important elements of a penthouse to have. It should be unique in as many ways as possible. There is this one named Wadi penthouse in Beirut that is nothing but stunning. It offers unique architectural design all along its design which really is striking. A decent thing to notice is definitely the cool floating staircase of it. Even within its location at Wadi Abu Jamil district this penthouse is unlike anything else right there.

This so-called Wadi penthouse is not that spacious penthouse with too much things and stuffs within the d├ęcor. Yet it has its beauty on its cool and stunning design. The combination of those two mentioned elements is enough to boost its overall appeal. Creativity is at its best within the entire building and space of this penthouse. The architects were using the advantages of wood while shifting away from those strict lines as well as common proportions to come up with the finished Wadi penthouse unlike any other penthouse.

So, there is a mezzanine level just right to the side of the dining area that can be considered to be a total masterpiece. The staircase connecting this particular level to the ground level is a floating one. That is the feature to really catch the eye of anyone entering the house. Upon close examination though there are sliding and curving walls that are not in actual form of walls to make that floating appeal of the staircase. The staircase itself is made of metal to be the contrasting feature within light wooden elements of the area. The light wood continues to the surrounding room as well though. As a matter of fact the entire area of this Wadi penthouse is done by using wood element. There is a pair of chandelier and table in the dining space that really create the look of the space though.

Surprisingly the rest of the interior space of this penthouse is considerably less dramatic compared to that floating staircase of the mezzanine level. Basically the rest of the areas are just strengthening the mezzanine level impression towards any eye looking at it. There is a home cinema, a bedroom and a kitchen as well inside this penthouse in contemporary appeal. On the mezzanine level there is a kind of media area in small size with storage units arranged neatly.

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