Simple and Cute Renovation of a Closet Featuring Pax of IKEA

Metal Sphere Chandelier Sun Inspired Framed Wall Mirror Black Leather Bag Wooden Blue Stool Ikea Pax System Wicker Storage Boxes Clothes

Many items produced and offered by IKEA can be used in the simplest way possible. One of them is the one called Pax. In short this item from IKEA has its function to help dealing with storage needs of anyone. Even a small closet can be altered to be a lot better with the use of this Pax from IKEA. An owner of a small closet has the idea to alter her closet a bit by incorporating this item of IKEA for the better appeal and function of the closet. The result of the alteration is a more modern looking closet which offers a pretty comfortable area to store things neatly.

Clearly it is important to have a closet even just a small one in size. There are advantages of having a closet one of which is that all personal things can be stored there. This renovation of a small closet with the help of the Pax from IKEA is a quick and easy one which ensures the functionality of the closet itself. Well, a metal sphere chandelier is added there as well to elevate the overall appeal of the space easily along with a blue stool and a beautiful sun inspired mirror.

So, the key thing about the Pax from IKEA is definitely an organization of things within any space. Within this renovated small closet the Pax is placed on both sides of the closet with drawers and hangers alongside. The close even has a nice looking blue rug in pattern to add coziness of the closet itself. One of the walls inside the closet is done in patterned light blue wallpaper covering to enhance the girlish accent of the closet. The overall combination of things there is clearly way more than just about practicality since the space looks beautiful as well.

In term of the storage system inside the closet, there are hangers for clothes along with drawers to store some stuff and lingerie. Furthermore there are even some baskets to place accessories for easy access. Some pants hangers are there as well. Basically different items have been placed in different spots for sure to avoid any difficulty when searching for them. The addition of IKEA Pax is very helpful within this small closet. It really is an example of the best way to maximize a small space with the help of a nice looking and highly functional IKEA item.

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Gilded Sun Inspired Wall Mirror Blue Wooden Stool Light Blue Patterned Wallpaper Patterned Rug Wooden Flooring Metal Sphere Chandelier Black Leather Bag Shoes Clothes

Metal Chandelier Round Sun Inspired Framed Wall Mirror Black Shoes Wooden Floor Patterned Rug Patterned Light Blue Wallpaper Ikea Pax System Clothes

Metal Sphere Chandelier Sun Inspired Framed Wall Mirror Black Leather Bag Wooden Blue Stool Ikea Pax System Wicker Storage Boxes Clothes

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