Rocking Matte Tiles to Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

A Kitchen With White Matte Tiles Walls Features White Kitchen Cabinets With Stainless Steel Tops And Some Utensils On It

Tiles for covering walls and floors are a great way because of the durability, a chic look that they give, and they also fit almost any decor style in any space. In this high time, I am going to share you some ideas about rocking tiles in your bathrooms and kitchens to add a refined touch to any space. It will be not ordinary tiles but the matte ones. Although, most of the tiles have a glossy look, matte tiles still gorgeous because they look very posh and refined. They will easily transform your bathroom look into a spa and add an interesting touch to your kitchen. Here we go!

Matte Tiles in the Kitchens

Matte tiles are rarely used for kitchen backsplashes, but they look fabulous and worth to try. For those of you who want a masculine or gloomy kitchen, you can try a matte black tile with some geo shape. You may also try white tiles which will add texture to any kitchen and give a look which is more interesting than the ordinary white tiles. You can also choose a marble tile is amazing because the marble looks fine, and matte will add to the attractiveness of the room. That kind of tiles is not more difficult to be maintained that the glossy ones. If you feel that the matte tiles still cannot grab an eye enough, you may choose them in a contrasting shade, for example, a bold emerald backsplash for a neutral kitchen or a white one for a navy kitchen.

Matte Tiles in the Bathrooms

Matte tiles in any colors and shapes will spruce up your bathroom for sure! Gorgeous matte tiles will transform your bathroom into a real home spa at once. Adding a big gray tile that reminds us of the bathroom is a great idea because your bathroom will be peaceful and relax in ultra-modern style. You can combine matte black tiles with the white ones to get a luxurious and modern look. You can have them in different shapes such as hexagon and square. For you who want to add refined feel, you may go for marble tiles in a hexagon or rectangular shape in just one bold accent wall. Matte white tiles will turn your bathroom into the modern and chic bathroom. Besides, matte white tiles give textural touch and interesting look to your bathroom than having the glossy one. Have a nice try!

A Shower Space Done In Matte Grey Large Scale Tiles Walls

A Matte Black Shower Tiles And Matte Grey And Black Surface In A Bathroom

A Mirror Hung On A Matte White Hexagon Tiles Wall Above A Desk With A Bag, A Vase, And Some Toiletries

A Bathroom With Matte White Tiles Walls And Hexagon Marble Tiles Floor Features White Tub And A Side Table With A Pot On It

Matte White Tiles Backsplash And White Countertop With Many Things On It

A Kitchen Features White Matte Tiles In Geometric Cube Shape For Backsplash And White Kitchen Cabinets With Some Utensils On It

A Shower Space Done In Matte Grey Tiles And White Walls

A Kitchen Features White Matte Tiles For Backsplash And White Kitchen Cabinets With Some Pots Of Plants On It

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