Rocking an Antique Fireplace Ideas

A Stack Of Firewood Inside A Fireplace With Some Vases Of Flowers On It And Two Chairs In Front Of It

During the fall season, everybody needs something that can bring coziness and warmth to space. The item which is usually used during fall and winter is a fireplace. Fireplaces can bring warmth and coziness to space, and it can be found literally in any space. If you have a house which is old enough, you must have such a cool item or several ones, and today’s topic will be very helpful for you. Vintage furniture is very famous at this time, and having just one or two will transform your space becomes refined and has a character. An antique fireplace is an item that will create a cool atmosphere, even when it has could not be used anymore. Just need to retouch it, and you will get something awesome. Here some inspiration that you can try. Get inspired!

Non-Working Fireplaces

If you have a fireplace that cannot be used because of some reasons, you can still transform it into something cool. You may try to place your books and magazines inside the fireplace. This idea will transform your fireplace into cool storage that will help you to save your space and twist your interior. You can also transform your fireplace into a cool display that fits your interior design like by placing some vintage suitcases, a globe or some souvenirs. Another idea is you can try to create a fireplace with candles. Just put a lot of candles inside and perhaps on the mantel, too. Light all the candles and your space will turn into a very cozy atmosphere. One more idea to repurpose your fireplace is to display some firewood and a forged screen. In this idea, you will imitate a working fireplace, and this is a good idea to add coziness.

Working Fireplaces

For you who have a fireplace which can be used, you are lucky! An antique fireplace will not only add warm, refined, and gorgeous to your space, but it will also make your space outstanding. You have to remember that a fireplace should be safe. To make it safe, you can surround it with marble, stone, or metal and add metal or glass screen. You may also beautify the mantel by displaying your photos, paintings, figurines, and candles on it. A vintage fireplace will be perfect for any space, especially a bedroom, living room, or even a bathroom that later turns it into a spa.

A Black Fireplace With An Artwork Above It And A Rug In Front Of It

A Room With Wooden Floor Consists Of A Bed, A Fireplace, And A Wooden Cabinet

A White Fireplace With A Vase On It And A Mirror Above It

A Room Consists Of A Large Stone Fireplace, Some Sofas, Two Mirrored Tables, And A Dog

A Stone Fireplace Near A Wooden Chair And A Table With A Vase Of Flowers, A Book, And Some Candles On It

A Grey Fireplace With A Mirror On It Placed Near A Grey Sofa With Colorful Cushions

A Stone Fireplace Near A Chair And A Table With A Vase Of Flowers On It

A White Fireplace With Some Candles On It And A Mirror Above It Placed Near A Chair And A Wooden Table On A Blue Shade Rug

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