RA Table Lamp to Light Your Space

The Motion Of The RA Table Lamp

Light is a must in life. Without light, we cannot see anything. Every place needs light to make the people can see the things in the space or space itself. In addition, the light can also create a room atmosphere. The light which makes the space bright will make space becomes warm, while a space with not bright light offers a relaxing ambiance.

There are many sources of light that you can find. At the day, you will find the sun as the light source. If there is no sunlight comes through your space, you will use many kinds of the lamp to be the light source of the space.

Nowadays, lamps come in many various designs. Having a lamp in your space now is not only about to get light but also to make your space more stylish. For those of you who are looking for the kind of light that can tidy up your space, today’s topics may be perfect for you. Today, I would like to talk about a stylish lamp that may grab your attention. The item we are going to talk about today is a lamp that is inspired by the sun movements in the sky. It is RA table lamp. Get ready to be encouraged to move by this kind of amazing table lamp. Check it out!

Ukrainian architecture and design studio Nottdesign create this kind of table lamp. This item is designed to make you interact with such a piece because it needs you to turn it on and off. The light will die when the tube is in a horizontal position, and you just have to raise the tube to the vertical position to turn it on. The designers are willing to design a lamp that pushes ourselves to move, not only our hand and wrist. This kind of item is designed to be an interactive piece of the new level.

The lever rotates clockwise, and the light slowly turns on until it reaches the number 100%. You can stop it at any number that you want for the perfect brightness. The movement was intended as a representation of the sun movements in the sky. For example, the higher it is, the brighter you will get. Therefore, if you want a maximum bright from this lamp, just let it stand at the highest position. A smart and amazing idea to tidy up your room.

The Detail Of The RA Table Lamp

The RA Table Lamp

The Motion Of The RA Table Lamp

The RA Table Lamp In Horizontal Position

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