Orrery Lamp, a Lamp Inspired By The Solar System

The Orrery Lamp Which Is Turned On

Light is a must in life. Without light, space will be dark, and we cannot see anything. Every place needs light to make the people can see the things in the space or space itself. Besides, light can also create an ambiance to space. The light which makes the space bright will make space becomes warm and joyful, while a space with no bright light offers a relaxing ambiance.

There are many sources of light that you can find. At the day, you will find the sun as the light source. If there is no sunlight comes through your space, you will use many kinds of the lamp to be the light source of the space.

In this high time, I would like to talk about a kind of lamp that is awesome and eye catching. This unique light is designed because it is inspired from the solar system and specifically the earth, the moon, and the sun as a major part of the galaxy for each of us. This lamp is called Orrery lamp by the designer Bobby Genalo. This kind of unique item reminds us about the motion between the earth, moon, and sun. Warm light is an adjustable and abstract representation of our world and the moon when it orbits our stars. Such a piece features a companioning website where the users can match the floor or table lamp to the real-time positions of the three objects in space. Because of this idea, this kind of unique lamp become very playful yet very elegant design that represents our universe, as well as further galaxies.

The Orrery lamp got its name from the mechanical models of our system which is called ‘orreries.’ This term was popular in the 18th and 19th century. During that time, astronomers use that term to illustrate the positions of the planets. The lighting design rotates two walnut spheres around a custom, hand-blown glass diffuser that rests upon a machined brass structure. This kind of lamp is available in two different version. There is a floor version and a table one. They also come in different finishes. Even they are available in two different items, but each of them is still amazing and can spruce up your space. Do not think too much and just grab one you like!

Two Pairs Of The Floor And The Table Orrery Lamps On A Piano

The Orrery Lamp Which Is Turned On

The Left Position Of 'earth' And 'moon' Of The The Orrery Lamp

The Front Position Of 'earth' And 'moon' Of The The Orrery Lamp

The Floor And The Table Orrery Lamps

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