How to Rock Metals in the Space

A White Kitchen Island With Marble Countertop And Metal Handles

If we talk about modern style, metals are always showing up in decoration. It is not only about bathrooms or kitchens, but also the other spaces also have some metallic touches. Metal as a part of decoration is very famous now. You may go for brass, copper, and nickel to be used in every space. It is rather difficult to have only one metal touch in space, but having a lot of metal touches in space will be very expensive. Mixing some metals in space may break the rules of stylish decor. You can still rock them in a smart way, so all of them will look stunning. Here some ideas of how to mix different metals in one space to keep it fabulous? Let’s check it out!

Choose a Dominant Metal

You better to choose what metal you want to dominate the space. You can use copper for a trendy fell, or brass to get a glam touch, or maybe stainless steels for a clean, modern look. This metal will have a main role in the space, and you should add most of the metallic details of it. They will support the look and make it outstanding. Other touches may include other types and shades of metal, but just keep most of them in the metal that you choose to dominate. Try not to mix a lot of metals. 2-3 kinds of metal are enough.

Match the Finishes

To make the different metals look great together, you need the same finish to tie up the look. You may try a polished finish for a shiny touch or just satin finish that will make the fixture blend with the rest of decor rather than stand out. You should choose a kind of finish which fit the style you have chosen and the effect that you want to build for a trendy and bold look polished finishes work well, and for a mid-century modern and contemporary feel, satin finishes work amazing. You may also try oil finish which brings antique touch to space. This kind of finishes is nice for vintage and refined decor.

Highlight the Statement Piece

Choose a focal point of the room and make it stunning. You may go for a large piece like a big appliance or a large mirror in metal frame. You may highlight the item with various decorative elements and other metals.

A Marble Top Kitchen Island With Some Stools And White Kitchen Cabinets With Metal Handles And Copper Appliances

Metal Lamps Over A Marble Countertop Kitchen Island

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Marble Top Kitchen Cabinet With Metal Handles And Stainless Steel Appliances

A White Kitchen Island With Marble Countertop And Metal Handles

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