Having a Modern Apartment in Parents-Children Together Life

A Wooden Round Dining Table With Stack Of Plates, A Vase Of Flowers, And Table Cloth Paired With Two Chairs

It seems rather difficult for adult children to live comfortably in one apartment or a house with their parents without bothering each other too much because both the children and the parents need private space and some public zone also. ¬†Are you feeling the same? This is a great challenge for the designer. If the designer can separate the private space in a right way and make proper zones of the dwelling, living together will be a happy thing! In this time, I would like to share you a Spanish home that is built for a woman and her adult daughter who live together. This building will be a great example of such a dwelling. Let’s check it out!

Since there are two women in this apartment, so this dwelling is divided into two areas, with a separate private space for each woman. In this apartment, you will find two bedrooms, two bathrooms, as well as a living room, a kitchen and a dining room, convenient for both owners. The living room and the kitchen with the dining area are united in one space. In that space, you will find a mirror wall, neutral furniture, textural textiles and a floor lamp. The dining area can be said as a pretty small area. It features only a wooden round table, a glass cupboard and a couple of comfy chairs. Some dusty rose cabinets and metallic rose appliances fulfill the kitchen.

Now, let’s take a look at his daughter’s bedroom. This space is done in cream-pink tone. In this room, you will see a large bed, an abstract art piece, a mirror, and a wardrobe. You will also see a small workspace which is placed by the window. The natural light flooded the daughter’s bedroom. The mother’s bedroom is made in soft blue tones. It is similar to the daughter’s bedroom, but there are some differences. There are fine benches on the footrest, soft textiles, some mirrors, and cupboards in the mother’s bedroom. To save more space, the built-in shelf is selected for added.

This dwelling is completed with two bathrooms. The mother’s bathroom is a luxurious modern with the details that grab anyone’s attention. It is compact but accommodates everything that she needs. A wooden wall is chosen to finish the shower zone. It is a good idea because it gives a chic feel to the bathroom.

A Bed With Colorful Pillows Placed Beside A Side Table With Blue Lamp By The Window

A Working Space By The Window Consists Of A White Desk And Some Bookshelves, And A White Chair With A Pink Pillow And A Stack Of Books On It

A White Vanity With Mirror Beside A Bedroom With A White Bed And Some Blue And White Pillows

A Living Room Features A Sofa And A Chairs With Colorful Cushions, A Table With Many Vases Of Flowers, And A Wooden Side Table Placed On A Rug

A Bed With Soft Blue Shades Of Pillows And Blanket Placed Beside A Wooden Side Table With A Stack Of Books Ad A Vase Of Flowers

A White Vanity With Mirror Beside A Shower Area With A Wooden Wall

A Bed With Blue Shades Of Pillows And Blanket Placed Beside An Emerald Side Table With A Lamp And A Vase Of Flowers

A Living Room With A Sofa And Some Chairs With Colorful Cushions Placed On A Rug Beside A Kitchen With Brown Kitchen Cabinets

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