Having a Living Wall with Lichen-Covered

A Man Attaching Convex And Seamless To The White Wall

Having a good impression about our room is important. If other people have a good impression, it means that our spaces look good in their eyes. There are many ways that you can do to give a good impression of your space. One of the ways to make a good impression is by having living walls. Living walls are very popular this time. Something that is related to nature is extremely famous, too. Therefore, there are many ideas to beautify your room by having natural touch, and one of the ideas is living walls. They are rocked in many spaces and add a chic look that can enliven the space.

To have a living wall, you just need to add something ‘alive’ to the wall so that the wall will look alive also. It is usually about having a natural touch to space, and it is a good idea for you who like natural touch in your space. Having a large living wall of fern, succulents, and other stuff may be expensive. For you who cannot afford large living walls or just cannot maintain it right because there is no enough light or something else, there is a great solution that you can try. Check it out!

This solution is called the Convex and Seamless collections by Nordgröna. This kind of item is made from lichen which is often related to reindeer moss. These collections are made using natural and non-toxic materials, so they become an environmentally friendly solution for interiors. In collaboration with researchers at Lund University, the designers ensure that the item had sound-absorbing qualities. Not only that, but every piece of the collection is also air purifying, hypoallergenic, and certified as flame resistant. There are so many nice properties that make Convex and Seamless can be a nice choice for home decor.

Convex and Seamless is created to be a handmade item. It is produced in Nordgröna’s production facility in Sweden using moss picked in the woodlands of northern Sweden and Norway. Every piece of Convex and Seamless has been stabilized. This action makes them do not need direct sunlight to make it alive. This kind of product is available in many various bold colors that can help you choose and numerous shapes that you can try. Such an item is a great idea for you who want to have a colorful and eye-catching wall that is covered with a touch of nature.

A Black Dining Table With Black Chairs And Two Flower Shape Chairs In A Room With White Walls And Some Convex And Seamless Ornaments On It

A Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinet Near A Wooden Dining Table With Black Chairs In A Room With White Walls And Colorful Convex And Seamless Ornaments

Blue Sofa And A Table With A Vase Of Flower Placed On A Blue Shades Rug In A Room With White Wall With Some Convex And Seamless Ornaments

A Man Attaching Convex And Seamless To The White Wall

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