Halloween Ghost Decoration Ideas

Dark Colored Cheesecloth Ghosts With Lantern

Halloween becomes a day which everybody waits for. You do not want to leave your house empty without any scary touch in the scary holiday, do you? In this time, I am going to share some decoration ideas that will make your house is ready for Halloween.

Ghosts are the one which is coming to our mind when we are talking about Halloween. You can use ghost decor idea in your house, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Here some cool ideas that you can try anywhere. Most of them are easy to be made by yourself, with just a couple of simple materials, and even without any skills needed. Here we go!

Indoor Ghost Decor

Make a scary atmosphere for your indoor space party! You may try to add some spooky and funny ghost in your space. You make them by using cheesecloth or white sheets. Use some wires or coat hangers to make the shape, and attach eyes from black fabric. You may also make some ghosts from shredded trash bags or tape and placed them in the corner of attaching them to the wall. Another idea you can try is ghost dolls. You make them by yourself, but if you cannot do it, you may just buy them. Create ghost lanterns of mason jars, or go for some doilies or lace ghost-like figures. You may decorate your fireplace, mantel, table, or food station with a good arrangement of a ghost. Combine the ghosts with skulls, skeletons, witches, and the other Halloween things to get the scariest atmosphere.

Outdoor Ghost Decor

Place some ghosts’ decoration and make your outdoor space cool and awesome! You can do DIY using coat hangers and wire, and put some white sheets or cheesecloth on. You can make it in white, but if you want to make ancient demons you may use some dark colors. You can also try making some ghosts using chicken wire without using a thin cotton cloth or bedspread. Try to add some ghost decor on the porch by hanging them, or you may place some items around the faux fire in the garden. You can display different types of ghosts in your outer space. For example, you may place a large ghost, some skulls and pumpkins and something else that you like. You may also try to place ghosts on both sides of the entrance to give scary surprise to your guests.

A Dog Near A White Ghost Made From Cheesecloth And Wire In A Garden

Scary Children Ghosts Made From Trash Bag Around The Handmade Fire

A Fireplace With Some Pumpkins Inside It And Ghost Cheesecloth Hung On It

A White Jar As A Ghost Lantern

Some Funny Ghost Decorations Placed In A Garden Near A Old Wooden Barn

A Cheesecloth Ghost Attached On A Swing In A Garden

Duo White Ghosts With A Bath Ornament Placed On A White Desk

A Duo Ghost Made From Dark Cheesecloth Placed In Front Of A Wooden Cabinet And Flowers

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