Cozy and Peaceful Modern Interior Décor in a Lakeside Countryside Cottage

Large Lake Trees Wooden Exterior Wall Black Roof Greenery Glazed Walls

A lakeside cottage can always be a cozy getaway just as this one that offers a really peaceful atmosphere inside following its coziness. There are interconnected volumes underneath gable roofs with countryside style and modern décor inside. This house is called Backwater that was done by Platform 5 Architects based in London. It sits on a really small promontory within a secluded lagoon of the Norfolk Boards. It offers a kind of counterpoint of contemporary appeal to rather traditional looking houses within the surrounding. The result is definitely a unique setting without forgetting the respect to that peaceful natural setting of its spot.

The connected volumes of the house with the incorporation of gable roofs simply resemble the look of countryside cottage. Yet the interior is considerably sleek and minimalist with the use of modern décor in any corner of the house. That style of interior decoration can be seen on its white walls and greyish floors. That neutral tone is definitely an enhancement to a peaceful vibe within the surrounding area. Wood elements can be seen throughout the décor in both greyish and whitewashed finishes. Warm appeal of wood can be said to be just accentuating the overall backdrop of the décor that create a glimpse of Scandinavian appeal.

The living room makes use of the view of the surrounding without the need of overpowering furniture items. There is only warm looking upholstery along with a large hearth as well as firewood storage. Meanwhile the kitchen and the dining space are put together in a light-filled corner. Modern style can be enjoyed all over the kitchen with the view of the lake as the focal point of the décor. Wooden dining table along with leather upholstered corner sofa can be seen there in the compact dining nook.

There is a master bedroom inside this house that is nothing but amazing. Glazed walls are there to enjoy the lake at anytime with curtains to ensure privacy whenever needed. There are other bedrooms as well with beautiful views to enjoy just like the master bedroom. There is a platform there next to the window instead of a window sill. The platform is more useful since it can be used as a storage space or simply a surface to lie down and relax. Overall the mix of different textural elements and decorative accents within this house is pretty enjoyable in many ways.

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Large Lake Trees Wooden Exterior Wall Black Roof Greenery Glazed Walls

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