An Attractive Kitchen bar Counter in Your Home

Having a bar counter becomes a trend this time. Many designers advise us to have open layouts and use it as much as we can then fill it with light.  These are usually kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms, a kitchen bar counter or a kitchen island can be ...

3 months ago Ludwig Tiedemann


Small L-Shaped Kitchen in Maximum Function

Having a small house is a disadvantage because it is difficult to have a comfortable kitchen. We need many things in the kitchen to make us comfortable while we are cooking. How can we have everything we need in the kitchen when we just only have a tiny space? ...

3 months ago Herbert Hengstler


Adding Blue Nuance to Your Kitchen

Blue is a superb shade that can fit any space and any event. That’s why many people love this kind of color. Blue has become a favorite color for many designers and decorators to make their design of rooms and homes amazing. Such a color also fit many styles. ...

3 months ago Klaus Beitz


Rocking Bold Color with Colorful Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is usually done in calm ambiance, and not many people are brave enough to use bold colors in their kitchen. Although the owner dares to use bold colors, he or she applies the color through a colorful backsplash, or cabinets or some accessories. Just that. You may ...

3 months ago Madeleine Kindler