The Casali Sliding Glass Doors

When talking about having a bold touch in the interior, many people will directly think about having an artwork or bold furniture. Not just artwork or thick furniture that can be an item to add a bold touch to your interior. Having bold walls, colorful floors, or some attractive ...

3 months ago Herbert Hengstler


A Fabulous Oak-Covered House

Hello fellas! Talking about amazing houses is never be boring. There are plenty of wonderful houses that can be share and may inspire every one of us. In this high time, I would like also talk about a fabulous house that will grab your attention. This house is different ...

3 months ago Bernd Schinkel


A Beautiful Chair that Offers Seclusion and Privacy by Nienkamper

Having a unique looking furniture item that serves its practical function properly is one crucial matter in today’s interior décor. Furniture items without proper functions should not be added to any interior at all. An example of such thing is a chair with that high level of comfort and ...

3 months ago Madeleine Kindler


The Brionvega Musical Console by Achille Castiglioni and Pier Giamcomo

Having an iconic piece of item made by famous individual could be a dream of certain people. Those who love music for example will value greatly the famous custom Brionvega record player of David Bowie. That ultimate item is known to be having a decent value of $320,000.00 on ...

3 months ago Janik Fittkau


Simple and Cute Renovation of a Closet Featuring Pax of IKEA

Many items produced and offered by IKEA can be used in the simplest way possible. One of them is the one called Pax. In short this item from IKEA has its function to help dealing with storage needs of anyone. Even a small closet can be altered to be ...

3 months ago Ludwig Tiedemann


Customizable Display Cabinet Designed by Hangar Design Group Named Hampton

Furniture items that can be customized are a hot trend today. Many furniture manufacturers and brands have their options to be offered to anyone in need of anything that can be customized along the use of the items in any space. A decent example of such thing is a ...

3 months ago Marc Haugwitz