Beautifying Modern Bathroom Décor Using Floating Vanities

Black Wooden Floating Vanity White Top Decorative Greenert Wicker Basket Wicker Rug

It is clear that a vanity is an important thing in any bathroom. There are many options of this particular furniture item that will greatly affect the overall décor appeal of the bathroom. Aside of that matter, vanity has its practical use as storage units as well as a surface or stand for the sink within any bathroom. Commonly in choosing a bathroom vanity the basic decoration style will be taken into consideration. As an example is that a modern bathroom will look nice and even better with the addition of floating style vanity instead of normal style. Even in choosing the right piece of floating vanity there are many things to think about for the sake of the best outcome at the end.

A modern bathroom especially the one with a pretty tight space will get the benefit of using floating countertops or shelves as the vanity. The most important thing is that the surface will be enough to hold the sink along with some supplies and needs of bathing. Those who need more storage spaces can attach more shelves underneath the main surface to store towels and other things needed in the bathroom. There are various materials that can be selected for this thing that include wood, glass, marble, concrete or even a mix of two different materials for different levels.

Another choice that can be nice for a modern bathroom in term of floating vanity is the one in form of cabinetry. It definitely use up larger visual space since cabinetry will have a somewhat enclosed shape and design. There are drawers as the feature of this item with doors as well so that the things stored inside will not be visible. The material for the base of the cabinetry and the top surface can be different to accentuate the décor further. The doors of the cabinetry can even be mirrored or made of glass to get the better appeal of the décor. This will be the best choice to eliminate a cluttered space. The fact that the things stored inside will not be visible means that the bathroom will look sleek and seamless.

Surprisingly the so-called floating vanity can be quite simple to build. Those who love to craft and customize things on their own will love to create a personalized floating bathroom vanity which will be like nothing else. At the end, floating bathroom vanities are the best choice for compact bathroom space to look nice while remain highly practical.

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