Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities in Rustic Style to Add Coziness to the Bathrooms

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A bathroom can surprisingly be decorated to have a cozy atmosphere inside. It is important that a bathroom is decorated properly to ensure that it provides all the needed functions while also looking beautiful. It can be in a completely rustic décor since it is a quite popular one today. On the other hand it could be in other style of decoration with that addition of rustic looking cabinet or vanity to accentuate the décor of the bathroom. A beautiful bathroom is always a decent place to start a new day everyday, right?

Well, in general there are only two available options when choosing the so-called rustic cabinets and vanities. The first option is the open version. It means that there are no doors covering the vanities so that the things stored inside can be seen. Other choice in this one is simple shelving unit without any frame whatsoever. This is considerably the best possible option to pick when the size of the bathroom is practically small. This will create a kind of lightweight appeal inside the bathroom although it will create a bit of clutter as well at the same time. The cover of patina paint can be used to really create that shabby chic appeal for the rustic vibe within the bathroom itself. Worn or washed look can be the next choice of finish. Pipes can be added to accentuate the shelves and vanity for the better overall appeal of the décor.

Furthermore the other option is the one with doors. It includes the actual closed cabinetries along with vanities. This is considered to be perfect when a stronger privacy is needed within the bathroom. Things placed on the cabinet will not be visible from the outside. Yet it will definitely use up more visual spaces compared to the previous one without doors. Yet this is the perfect choice to really declutter the bathroom area.

In term of the finish of the cabinets, vanities, or shelves, natural look of reclaimed wood as the material of hem will look nice. On the other hand it can be painted as well to get the best possible look depending on the personal preferences and styles. One surprising thing is that old item can be repurposed for use in a bathroom. Things like old sideboard can be given a whole new look to e used in any bathroom. Whenever possible both the open and enclosed options can be combined together, right?

Vintage Carved Wood Bathroom Vanity Stone Top White Towels Framed Wall Mirrors Vintage Faucets

Large Rustic Wooden Bathroom Vanity Wicker Boxes White Towels White Shade Wall Sconces Warm Lights Wood Framed Wall Mirrors Striped Rug Wooden Floor

Whitewashed Bathroom Vanity White Top Textural Rug Wooden Flooring Vintage Faucet Wooden Framed Wall Mirror Flowers Wicker Vase

Hanging Bulbs Stained Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity With Drawers Dark Metal Handles White Top Black Faucets Wooden Framed Mirrors Wooden Flooring

White Subway Tile Half Wall Cladding Large Wicker Basket White Towels White Hexagonal Tile Flooring Framed Wll Mirror White Wall Sconces Shabby Chic Wood Bathroom Vanity

Floating Wooden Bathroom Vanities White Top Wood Framed Mirrors White Shade Metal Wall Sconces Flowers White Toilet Tiny Tile Bathroom Flooring

Black Carved Frame Round Mirror Metal Compact Sink Reclaimed Wooden Bathroom Vanity Stone Top White Shade Wall Sconces White Window Blind

White Square Sink Toilet Papers White Towels White Toilet Rustic Bathroom Vanity White Flowers White Wooden Wall Panels

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