An Inspiring Small Modern Apartment

A Space Features Wooden Floor, A Blue Velvet Sofa, And An Artwork On The Wall

Talking about home or dwelling ideas is always exciting, and we always have ideas to be shared with you. In this time, I would like to share an apartment idea for you. It is not a large apartment, but the small one. How can a small apartment be a stylish and amazing dwelling? Let’s see it then!

This small apartment is located in Lithuania. This building is evidence that small occupancy can also have style and function, but short. The designers tried to retain the harmony relationship with Vilnius old town while decorating the flat.

The background of this apartment is done in monochrome. This idea enhances muted colors and makes the artwork that becomes the decoration more stand out. The cold grey tones of the space work well with velvet fabrics that also make an interesting contrast to the textured ceiling. The living room in this apartment is located in same space with the kitchen. If you look at the kitchen, you will find sleek green cabinets and a grey kitchen backsplash. The dining zone is provided by the kitchen island that fulfills a double function. Choosing muted shades for space was a nice idea because small spaces require lighter shades to make it wider. If you do not want them, you may go for muted shades of bolder colors.

Let’s take a look at the living space. In the living space, you will find grey walls, a chevron clad wooden floor and a matching TV unit, and a large window which is covered with dusty pink curtains, which create a relaxing ambiance with other muted tones in the space. There is also a large blue velvet sofa. Since velvet is the trend of the year, such an idea is a great time to make space more stand out. You will also find a built-in shelving unit behind the sofa and a TV. A gorgeous sculptural armchair in maroon color gives an interesting contrast to the sofa and adds color to space.

In the master bedroom which is done with mint-colored walls, you will see a large wardrobe with sliding doors, a couple of wall sconces, and small black nightstands. The bathroom of this building is pretty small. It is completed with long vanity, a mirror, and a textural wall made of different types of tiles. Rocking some textures is a great idea to make a neutral space more outstanding. This small apartment is designed well that can inspire everyone who is looking for a dwelling idea for a small space. Get inspired!

A Long Vanity With Mirror And Two Lamps Over It

A Large Built In Shelving Unit Behind A Blue Velvet Sofa

A Path With Wooden Floor And Grey Walls

A Bedroom Features A Large Bed, A Black Side Table, And Mint Colored Wall

A Lamp On A Side Table Placed Beside A Velvet Sofa And In Front Of An Artwork On The Wall

A Maroon Armchair Placed By The Window With White Curtain

A Kitchen Features A Sleek Green Cabinets With Two Black Stools

A Space Features Wooden Floor, A Blue Velvet Sofa, And An Artwork On The Wall

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