An Inspiring Modern Split Level House

A Space Features Wooden Shelves, A Rug, A Golden Chair, And A Metal Coffee Table With A Cup And A Vase Of Flower

Hello fellas! Are you looking for some home ideas? Talking about home will never end because there are a lot of homes that are unique and inspiring all over the world. There are many home ideas, from small but chic homes and also magnificent and fabulous homes. Today, I am going to talk about home again. This time, I would like to tell you about a modern split-level house which is very cool and inspiring. Let’s check it out!

The home we are going to talk about is the split-level house by Melbourne-based Technē Architecture + Interior Design. The family is living in the calm, understated, and stylish house that does not distract the surrounding beautiful bushland.

Let’s see at the spaces inside. The kitchen, the dining room, and the living room are all looked like united in one space, but actually, they are located on different levels and separated in a way. Such an amazing idea to bond some spaces though they are visually separated, isn’t it? If you look at the dining room, you may find a wooden table, white chairs, and a vintage-inspired black hearth. In the living room, you will see a rounded sofa, a storage unit, a velvet chair and a glazed framed wall that shows off gorgeous views. The kitchen is outstanding with sleek light-colored wooden cabinets and some black touches for an accent. Such an idea make the kitchen very stylish and charming.

There is also a home office in this building. If you look at the home office, you may find a continuous windowsill desk, some storage cabinets, a blue chair, and a cool soft blue sofa that are arranged properly. In a house, the bedroom is very crucial. So does this house. The master bedroom is done with a gray bed, a red night bed, and matching bedding in gray and navy colors. Such interiors make the room very peaceful and quiet. A concrete circle is added as a part of the decoration on the wall that adds modern look of the space.

A bathroom is also very crucial in a house. In this amazing house, the master bathroom is created as a large space. This space is done with grey and warm-colored wood. In this bathroom, you will see a long vanity, two sinks and a large mirror of several parts. The room is also equipped with free-standing bathtub and some circular decorations that can be seen from all over the room.

A House Looked From The Outside

A Living Room Done With Large Glazed Walls, White Sofa With Cushions In Green Shades, And Some Glass Top Tables

The Black Staircase Between Black And White Walls

A Grey Concrete Mirror Vanity With Two White Sinks

A Kitchen In Wooden Floor Features Wooden Kitchen Cabinets With Marble Countertops And Three Black Stools

A Work Space Features A Blue Sofa And A Side Table On A Blue Rug, And A Blue Chair Near A Wooden Desk With A Computer On It

A Free Standing White Bathtub With A Back Towel

A Space Features Wooden Shelves, A Rug, A Golden Chair, And A Metal Coffee Table With A Cup And A Vase Of Flower

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