An Inspiring Brightly Colored Apartment

A Room Features A Green Velvet Sofa, A Blue Shades Chair, A Round Table With Books And A Vase Of Flowers On It, And A TV On The Wooden Cabinet

Playing with colors is a little bit tricky, especially playing with bright colors. Bright colors are very eye-catching and attractive. Playing with many bright colors in a wrong way can make your space becomes too much in look. Therefore, you need to play bright colors in a right way.

For you who are looking for an idea about a home which uses many bright colors, today’s topic will be beneficial for you. This home is full of bold shades of blue, emerald and yellow. It will be very inspiring for you who want to play with bright shades. Let’s check this out!

Brio Interior Design is the designer of this Seattle apartment. These apartments are designed with delightful bright colors in a unique collaboration and medieval charm. The clients want to the apartment to be done green and ivory, and to have local art, a nap-able sofa and there a king size bed in the owner’s suite with an upholstered headboard. That kind of requests was successfully fulfilled, and this apartment looks so amazing.

The designers decided to create a sterile interior with bold colors, rich textures, one special piece of furniture and lots of velvet. Such an idea is extremely trendy right now. If you look at to space, you will find some artwork by local artists including Deanne Belinoff and Paul Edmondson. Not only artworks which are done by local artists, but also the other things. The fine craftsmanship of local woodworkers and furniture makers are also very helpful in building the custom sofa, wall bed or wall desk, headboard, and living room which is built in Seattle. The works of their hands are beautifully shown in this apartment.

Now, let’s look at the open layout. There is the kitchen, dining area, and living space which are united in one bold room with outstanding views. To get some incredible views, there is a wall that is finished with glass. There is storage that perfectly hidden in sleek white cabinets. There is also a large emerald velvet sofa and some chairs turquoise and green at the foot of the mirror. In the dining area, you will find a glass top table, and brown and yellow chairs, while the kitchen is spruced up with suspended white cabinets and natural wood cabinets on the floor. The bright color interior of this apartment is smartly arranged and make the visual look more attractive and amazing. Get inspired!

A Room Features A Green Velvet Sofa, A Blue Shades Chair, A Round Table With Books And A Vase Of Flowers On It, And A TV On The Wooden Cabinet

A Space Features A Round Table With A Bowl Of Fruits, A Vase Of Flowers, And A Bottle Of Infused Water, Paired With Two White Chairs

A Round Glass Top Dining Table With Brown And Yellow Chairs In A Space With Wooden Floor

A Room Corner Features A Blue Armchair, A Side Table With Books And A Vase Of White Flower On It, And An Artwork On The Wall

A Kitchen Features Brown Kitchen Cabinets, White Cabinets, And A Rug On The Floor

A Room Features A Green Velvet Sofa, Two Blue Shades Chairs, A Round Table With A Book And A Vase Of Flowers On It, And A Wooden Round Side Table Between The Chairs

A White Bed With Blue Headboard Placed Beside A Wooden Side Table With A Lamp And A Vase Of Flowers On It

A Wooden Table Paired With An Orange Chair Placed In Front Of A Navy Large Cabinet

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