Adorable Paris Townhouse of the Beloved Franca Sozzani

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Personally decorating a living home is a thing to do in purpose of ensuring that the décor of the space will be as personal as possible. A townhouse in Paris that belongs to the editor of Vogue named Franca Sozzani has been decorated by her all along. The overall appeal of the décor within the 19th century building is nothing but beautiful and adorable in many ways. The mix of things within the interior space is absolutely marvelous like nothing else. Obviously that is caused by the fact that she decorated the entire interior space by herself.

Basically the style of decoration within the interior is pretty simple with a pretty similar look around the space with her other homes. Well there is the New York townhouse, Portofino family getaway and Milan apartment. She loves the style of decoration that she has been using therefore she brought that into this place as well. Clearly that is the so-called personal touch in creating a comfortable interior décor to live and to deal with everyday.

The décor features black and white lines to create a kind of spotless and fuss-free feel of gallery-like space. That kind of surrounding in a living home will guarantee a high level of comfort for a living home like this one. Furthermore the way to add accents to the overall décor is simply by bringing textural furniture items and accessories around it. That way the monochromatic color scheme of the place will not be boring at all. She has done a great deal of things in bringing the best possible state of this building from its previous state. It was in a really bad shape in which she thought that there is a decent potential of this building to be unleashed.

Even the original moldings as the old feature of the building have been reproduced properly. The ceilings and the doors have their bronze patina retained to add a bit of vintage touch within the space. A skylight has been added as well to create a bright space within the interior since the floors are dyed in black. The basement has been transformed into some quarters for staff so that the entire space of the building has been used properly. The beauty of the décor can definitely be considered to be the ultimate personal taste of Franca Sozzani as well as being a reflection of her personality.

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