A Unique Looking Japanese Home by Yoshichika Takagi + Associates

Cube Shaped House Design Wooden Exterior Wall Panels Potted Greenery Pebbles Black Framed Square Small Glass Windows

Dealing with rather unusual site to build a house can never be easy for any architect. Well, that is the case of a residential house in Japan as a project done by Yoshichika Takagi + Associates. Basically the hardest thing to deal with is the triangular, irregular and sloping spot to build the house. Well, surprisingly the finished house turned out to be a really unique house with such unusual façade of it. It has been a challenge for the team but the outcome is totally great. The location of the house is right outside Sapporo of Japan. Along the construction of the so-called House in Nishino, cost is the one thing to pay attention. Thus in order to keep the cost low, the excavation is intended to be just a small one while the height of the building is the one dealt with cleverly by the architects.

The so-called envelope or cover of the house is made of timber wood while the core of the house is done in polycarbonate panels intersecting a wooden façade. That combination of materials is the smart answer of Yoshichika Takagi to deal with harsh winter season of the area. With that combination there will not be ay cold problem anymore during winter season for the family owning and living joyful life inside this house. Furthermore the inside of the house features a kind of atrium that is having a floor-to-ceiling characteristic plays its role as an internal courtyard. It helps warming up the space as well due to its greenhouse effect.

The rest of the interior gets the benefit of that internal courtyard. Due to the transparency of each sides of that courtyard, natural light enters the house easily. The modern interior décor of the home with that minimalist vibe is brightened by the abundant natural light from the courtyard. The décor is very practical to be the characteristic of a Japanese home.

The second level has rather tilted walls to follow the gabled roof of the so-called house-shaped volume within. Air flow is encouraged simultaneously to help creating a larger floor plan visually. As a matter of fact other programs of the house can be found around that center courtyard space without having to be completely closed off. Despite of the fact that the space is a small one, the entire package of decoration and design within this house is just perfect in both its appeal and its practical matter.

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Cube Shaped House Design Wooden Exterior Wall Panels Potted Greenery Pebbles Black Framed Square Small Glass Windows

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