A House Resembling a Warehouse

A Metal Sink Beside A Wooden Dining Table With Two Chairs And A Bench

Talking about the house is always fun and interesting. There are many types of houses in the world, from the simple until the extraordinary ones. From the vintage to modern style. Have you ever imagine having a house which looks like a warehouse? In this high time, I would like to share you a house which is resembling a warehouse. Maybe some of you think that having a house like a warehouse is weird, but this house is real. The owner of this house wanted to live in a house which just likes a renovated warehouse. Then, as the responsible designer, ALTS Design Office decided to re-establish the new house in a renovated barn concept that pursued a diverse and productive open spaces. Are you curious enough to see it? Check this one out!

The ground sits in the middle of the old residential area and new land for sale in lots, and it is an area enclosed by residential roads. At first, this building is built like an existing warehouse by the architects; then it is designed carefully as if the client renovated it. The ALTS Design Office can take into account the durability and environmental load due to new construction. Moreover, in addition to that, we could add temporal complexity as if it already existed.

If you look at the inside of the building, you will find a white cube. Inside the white cube, there are rooms which provide privacy for the owner. In doing so, the architects valued the connection of the inside and the outside. There is a split level house, and there is also non-exclusive rooms on floor planning. Open spaces also created by the designers to let the client arrange the spaces to suit the lifestyle.

The simple decor and furniture are chosen to fill this building. They are modern and industrial. In this building, you can see plenty touches of natural wood, metal, leather, and concrete, and also some accessories which are very durable. The designers use renewable wood to save the budget. Moreover, it can create the warehouse look more real. Such a great idea! The shades of warm wood become a color that dominates the interiors. There is much-blackened metal, and also some brown and white touches. Those decor and interiors look very natural and welcome. Such a wonderful house. Get inspired!

A Man Sits On A Brown Sofa And A Kid Stands On A Rug In Front Of A Wooden Shelving On A Wooden Wall

A Wooden Dining Table With Two Chairs And A Bench Placed By An Open Wall

A Space Shows A Stairway, A Wooden Table With Two Chairs, A Shoes Rack Full Of Shoes, And A Table With A Tray Consists Of Napkins And Glasses

A Man And A Kid Sits On A Brown Sofa, And A Woman Stands On A Raised Spaces Around The Space Where The Man Sits

A Wooden Dining Table With Two Chairs And A Bench Beside A Stairway Completed With Four Bulbs Over It

A Wooden Wall With Wooden Shelving With Some Magazines And Some Glasses And Pots On It

A Space Shows A Brown Sofa With A Blue Cushion, And Some Spaces With Wooden Floors And Ceilings

A Metal Sink Beside A Wooden Dining Table With Two Chairs And A Bench

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