A Fabulous Oak-Covered House

A Wooden Bathtub With A White Towel On It Stand On The Concrete Floor Placed Near A Large Mirror Cabinet

Hello fellas! Talking about amazing houses is never be boring. There are plenty of wonderful houses that can be share and may inspire every one of us. In this high time, I would like also talk about a fabulous house that will grab your attention. This house is different from the other houses because this is an oak-covered house. Are you curious enough to see it? Let’s have a look at this house closer!

This amazing house is located in Poland and designed by Kanco Architect. This building comes as a unique collaboration of natural materials with modern design. The design of this house was supposed to be open to nature and to correspond with it. If you take a look at the decor inside, you will see that the decoration is related to oak forest. Such a thing gives an idea to use oak as the main material in the house.

Let’s have a little tour. On the ground floor, you will find a staircase in the form of openwork division that becomes a great idea from the architects to be used as the divider of the kitchen and the living room. There is a night area in this house, and if you look at this area, there is a barely noticeable glass partition that symbolically separates the bedroom from the bathroom. Such an idea gives the rooms an independent temperature control, and that can visually maximize the two spaces. The private is is very fabulous because of a steam sauna that perfectly matches with the whole building.

The owners of the house support ecological approach. Therefore, they want the environmentally friendly design for their house. Wood covers the facade of this house. Besides, most of the interior also use the natural material. The material which is used is oiled oak. The walls, kitchen, and bathrooms are done with veneer and ceilings with solid boards. Oak wood that is dominated is matched with the other material like natural stone, concrete, or standing. The usual solution is also to use aluminum steel on the kitchen worktop, which connects to the color of the concrete floor.

The designers agree to create a scene that is consistent, natural, and even ethereal to combine all of the materials with beautiful and fabulous elements of furnishing and unconventional lighting. The use of natural materials especially oak wood is a great idea to bring the natural feel to the house. Get inspired!

A Closet With Wooden Walls And Ceiling Full Of Shoes And Clothes

A Wooden Dining Table With A Bowl Of Fruits, A Cup, And A Plate On It Paired With Some Black Chairs

A Bathroom In Wooden Walls And Ceiling Features Wooden Bathtub And Two White Vanities

A Wooden Bathtub With A White Towel On It Stand On The Concrete Floor Placed Near A Large Mirror Cabinet

The Oak Staircase Separate A Living Room From The Dining Area With Wooden Dining Table And Black Chairs

A Bedroom With Wooden Walls And Ceiling Features White Bed And Some Plants On The Headboard

A Large Space With Large Glazed Walls And Wooden Ceiling Features Some Comfy Grey Sofas With Cushions And Some Metal Tables

A Kitchen With Oak Walls And Ceiling Features Wooden Kitchen Island And Wooden Dining Table With Black Chairs

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