A Cool Whimsical Kids’ Bathroom

A Blue Vanity With White Top Under Two Mirrors Hung On A Blowfish Wallpaper

Having children in the house is loveable. We like to decorate some rooms with kid’s style which is cheerful and playful. It is important to create a good ambiance in the kid’s spaces because children are supposed to be happy and cheerful. Having a fun space is not only give an advantage for the children, but also for the adults in the house. The adults who like some cheerful and fun atmosphere of a space can be helped to raise their mood and make them happy. To get a cheerful and fun atmosphere, we need to add some child-like touches and play with colors.

Every space can be decorated with fun and child-like. You may decorate kid’s bedroom, bathroom, and other spaces. For you who are looking for some ideas about decorating a children’s bathroom, you come at the right time! In this high time, I would like to share an inspiring idea of decorating children’s bathroom. It is with a right amount of adult features and child-like touches, perfectly in the middle between these two. Have you been curious enough to see it? Let’s check it out!

A family becomes a client of Brio Interior Design. They helped their clients to create a fun, whimsical kid-friendly bathroom that can be enjoyed by the whole family. A lovable blowfish wall covering that represents the most whimsical touch sets the tone for the whole space. This kind of bathroom is fulfilled with many interesting furnitures. There is a large vanity in turquoise color. The vanity is completed with four compartments, a white countertop, and matching storage units with open shelves. That kind of furniture is enough for two people at the same time, and it is a good choice since there are two kids in the house.

There are other things in this bathroom. You will also find a comfy tub with a built-in shelf above. There is also shower zone with a window and glass doors. Since the whole decor uses the colors of blue, turquoise, and white, both features are done in white color to be matched with the whole decor. The cheerful and fresh bathroom decor is cool for children’s bath time. They will have a fun time while they are taking a bath. It is not only for kids, the adults who enjoy the fun designs also can have a fun time in this bathroom.

A White Bathtub In A Bathroom With Blow Fish Wallpaper

A Blue Vanity With White Top Under Two Mirrors Hung On A Blowfish Wallpaper

A Shower Area With Glass Door And White Walls

A Blue Vanity With White Top Under Three Mirrors Hung On A Blowfish Wallpaper

A White Bathtub With A Blue Towel On It In A Bathroom With Blow Fish Wallpaper

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