8 Cool Fireplaces and Stoves for a Warm Ambience

Cool Fireplaces In A Shape Of Egg

Having a fireplace or a stove during fall or winter is a very good idea. Having a gorgeous one will be a great idea to create a comfy ambiance to space. Here some items that you may want to add in your space. Check it out!

The first one is Natura. It is a stove whose main component is made of steel with a cork profile placed and fixed on its structure. The cork has another job to be a security layer to make it safely touched and felt the wood stove. The desire to bring the experience of touching the stove for the user becomes the root of the idea of using cork as the main covering material.

The second is Gor. It comes as a fusion of a freestanding fireplace and a coffee table. It is designed as a contemporary altar for your relaxation rituals by stabbing a solid block with thin rods. It fits much space because of its minimalist design. Moreover, it is TUV certified, bioethanol-powered and safe.

The next is Faro by Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada. Faro is present as a miniature fireplace suitable for indoor or outdoor use of ethanol burner. The materials like red clay, hammered copper, and aluminum are used to evoke a reference to the traditional wood-stove oven.

There is also The Solzaima TEK Collection of stoves. The Tek system offers the storage within the stove with new ways to improve usability. The Wall comes to remove the presence of the equipment from the ground; then the Lumber is a stove reduced to its essence.

The next one is a modern and cool ethanol Globe fireplace by Vauni. This item can be moved from a wall mount, stand mount, or sit on the floor. The Vauni “Globe” can be used indoors or as a patio heater because of its lightweight chimney design. It is available in matte white or black.

The sixth is an item by Philippe Starck which is called Sweetbox. This item is done in a patented high-performance and eco-friendly design. It comes in the small and large shapes which is flexible to be arranged in various formations. There are fire modules and electronic modules, gravel cubes, cubes for books, and cubes to sit. It is available in finishes of white, black or silver.

The next item is the fusion of storage pieces and a fireplace. It is designed by Davide Tonizzo and Manufactured by B├╝hler Furniture. Fireplace with storage is perfect for your guest room. Such a piece is done with a safe virtual flame which allows the heart to sit within the wooden elements around it.

The last but not least is a gas fireplace by EcoSmart Fire. This item comes with No smoke, no kindling, and no soot. The wood logs just become a decoration, and the flameproof fireplace is made of stainless steel. It only needs 3 liters of bioethanol; then it can burn for 8 hours without affecting the nature.

A Woman Sit Near A Fireplace

A Black Fireplace On A White Wall Between Two Shelves

A Fireplace With Stacks Of Storage With Many Firewood

A Fireplace In A Glass Box

A White Fireplace And Stove

Two Pieces Of Fireplace And Stove

A Wooden Fireplace And Stove

Cool Fireplaces In A Shape Of Egg

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